Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hi, It's me Neve

I had a lot of fun this past weekend...well sort of. My dad took me, and only me and left my brothers home with mom, to a hunting test near our house. I haven't been out in a field to do any hunting work in a long, long time and although I was excited to go, it was really hot and muggy out. Even my dad said it might be too hot for me to work in the field and since I need one more "leg" or score to finally get my AKC Junior Hunter title, he decided to give me a try. Justin is such a snob about it too. He got his Junior Hunter title when he was only two years old and he got all four of his qualifying scores in only two weekends!! He's such a hunting fool! But I'm already five and a half, almost six and I still need to get one more score, but there's not much hunting for Spinone here in Florida.

Well, we got to the test site early and then had to wait and wait and wait some more until I could actually get to run in the fields and find birds. I got real tired and hot waiting and by the time I got my chance.....I just didn't really want to go and work hard. And, I was surrounded by all these crazy, speed demon German Shorthair Pointers who are more snobby than my brother Justin. I really didn't do very well at all and I even got a little nervous with all the gun shots I heard. My dad said....."good try Neve, guess this just isn't your day buddy!" When I got home, my mom hugged and kissed me and told me we could try again the next time. And then I told my brothers about all those wild and crazy guys...the German Shorthairs. I don't even want to be around them, they make me nervous. No way! Then I went and took a nice long Spinone nap!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's me the Stitcheroo

Hey's me Stitch. I'm not dopey, dopey, even though I like to do silly things sometimes. You're dopey since you're always dragging and rearranging Mom's throw pillows all over the house. I bet you'd like to be an Interior Decorator and not a bird dog!

Well everyone, I'm glad I have a chance to write something here. Lately, I'm having such a good time with Mom since she has started training with us again. She takes us out to the front yard in the afternoons, one by one, and has this little clicker thingie. At first, I was confused. I mean what was making that funny noise..."click, click" and then she'd give us a teensy treat, like a bit of hot dog out of her pocket. Yummy, I love hot dogs. But I wasn't sure what she wanted at first. And then and then, I got it. If I did something she liked, wowee, I heard a click click and then I got a treat. Boy, oh boy, this was easy! First she wanted to make sure I really really knew how to sit. So we did that for a couple of minutes. Then she wanted me to "look" straight into her eyes and when I did....yup, I got a treat. Everytime I did it, I got a click and a treat. We did that a lot and now she says "eyes" and I know just what to do, look right at her. She smiles at me a lot too and then says "good boy, my Sitcheroo!" when we're finished. Now, when she takes her click thingie off the counter and I know there are hot dogs or my other favorite, cheese, in her pocket, I'm right at the door with my tail wagging and ready to go. I think my brothers are also having a good time with this afternoon training too, 'cause they're right beside me at the door when it's time to go to "school!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally...a note from us!

Hi everyone. It's me Justin, the Spinone. Mom said we could all take our turns in writing to this blog and since I asked first, she said it was OK if I was the first one to write. Yippee!
But boy oh boy, she sure has taken her sweet time getting this blog set up. I have so many stories to tell about my adventures, it's about time. Yeah, I know she has to work and do other stuff to help feed and take care of me and my "brothers" so her time is pretty limited, but I was just chompin' at the bit to get started.

Like last night.....we all pile on mom and dad's big king sized bed at night when it's time to go to sleep. Well, all of us, except ol' prissy Neve who likes his own space on the floor near the bed. He doesn't do share very well. Dad is just great about us sleeping all over the bed but then again, he can sleep through a hurricane! Mom grumbles a lot about having no room at all on the bed and she does swear a lot before she climbs into bed. Sometimes I look up in the middle of the night and almost woof out loud to see her sleeping on the very edge of the bed with one foot hanging over the side. And dopey Stitch likes to sleep in an east-west direction on the north-south bed, all stretched out with his legs up in the air...dopey, dopey! Niko my big bro' is smart. He's all curled up, comfy-like against Dad which is so cool. But then again, Niko is so cool with a lot of things. Since he's the oldest, I think he has to be cool.

I like to sleep on the end of the bed, close-by to my human's toes..that way I can lick their toes every so often. Mom DOES NOT like this and yells another of her curse words...."......JB will you knock that off!" By the way, I have a couple of nicknames and Mom and Dad use all of them when they talk to me. I'm called JB which is short for Justin Boy or Justin Bustin, Big Boy, Komodo ('cause I remind them of a Komodo dragon sometimes) and also they call me What Did I Tell You! I'm smart because I answer to all of them! Oh, I gotta go, Mom's making us dinner. I'll write again soon. Hey thanks everyone for all your nice comments.

Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008

Hi everyone. Our mom has just set up our blog today and we'll soon be posting funny, sad and interesting stories about our lives as four Spinone Italiano. Our mom and dad love us so much.