Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's me the Stitcheroo

Hey's me Stitch. I'm not dopey, dopey, even though I like to do silly things sometimes. You're dopey since you're always dragging and rearranging Mom's throw pillows all over the house. I bet you'd like to be an Interior Decorator and not a bird dog!

Well everyone, I'm glad I have a chance to write something here. Lately, I'm having such a good time with Mom since she has started training with us again. She takes us out to the front yard in the afternoons, one by one, and has this little clicker thingie. At first, I was confused. I mean what was making that funny noise..."click, click" and then she'd give us a teensy treat, like a bit of hot dog out of her pocket. Yummy, I love hot dogs. But I wasn't sure what she wanted at first. And then and then, I got it. If I did something she liked, wowee, I heard a click click and then I got a treat. Boy, oh boy, this was easy! First she wanted to make sure I really really knew how to sit. So we did that for a couple of minutes. Then she wanted me to "look" straight into her eyes and when I did....yup, I got a treat. Everytime I did it, I got a click and a treat. We did that a lot and now she says "eyes" and I know just what to do, look right at her. She smiles at me a lot too and then says "good boy, my Sitcheroo!" when we're finished. Now, when she takes her click thingie off the counter and I know there are hot dogs or my other favorite, cheese, in her pocket, I'm right at the door with my tail wagging and ready to go. I think my brothers are also having a good time with this afternoon training too, 'cause they're right beside me at the door when it's time to go to "school!"

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